Anthem- Video Sequencing & Ideas

About two weeks ago tow of my closest friends had birthdays and during one of those celebrations we hung out with people I don't know but grew to adore! During this time we watched music videos from YouTube and viewed some of the year's funniest videos. Of course someone had to show the LMFAO's Sexy and I know it video and I was never super enthused about the song or video. Reason?

My husband came home from a poker game and he decided to set it up right before the... "Hammock swinging" scene. (Just to keep this post PG) I'd not yet heard the song and that alone clenched my ears... I was pretty grossed out, but since we were already on the topic of the music group LMFAO another party-goer said, let me put in another one. You'll love it!

They entered the music video for "Party Rock Anthem," by the same artists featuring two others.

I had to say that the writer for the video sequencing and story was excellent. The video, although musical, was well written and the content changed just often enough to keep the viewer intrigued. Besides the overall humor, I found that little bits were hidden here and there and my reaction was to share it with others just like the other party-goer did with us, it was infectious. The ideas posed in this video were funny but also engaging with their demographic audience. Zombies!

There are opportunities for writers everywhere and typically ideas come from a story that creatives view within their mind's eye. Short story and novel ideas often come to me this way. I listen to a song, see breath-taking view or imagine a what-if? and begin to imagine the answers to those questions such as who would have lived in this beautiful landscape, who is singing this song and why? My stories seem to be richer when I write these as I'm connecting with an emotional chord that the view, song or question asks.

In this moment creativity has to have an outlet... Keep your writer's pad with you whenever, you never know when an idea will come barreling down at you.

Replies to Blog Comments:

For some reason Blogger is listing my own comments as Anonymous, so I'll post my replies here:

Thank you J Dowell-Irvine, I appreciate the recommendation. Currently the publishing climate is changing and there's so much out there that doesn't apply anymore in the traditional education. That being said, I took three years at UNBC and am going to finish my degree with TRU's Open Learning program. There is no substitute for the education I received and the discoveries I made. I took a great deal of course work in Political Science (It was my major) and Philosophy and I wouldn't have my current novel idea if that hadn't been the case. I strongly suggest that he consider going to school because a majority of writers in the Yukon do have day jobs and the best jobs require some certification, education or experience. The other thing I could share with your son is that University and College is nothing like High School. You can pick your education, you can pick your electives, you can pick all of it... I would suggest he look into TRU's open learning. It doesn't require he move, he can get a full degree in anything he's interested in... and here's the kicker: I've declared an English major... in essence I'm reading books and telling the teacher my opinion on the piece. Although I agree you don't need a degree to be a writer, it can only help-not hinder. Thanks again for the recommendation!

In response to Murray, I am not just commenting from a fiction perspective because a lot of non-fiction is literature based, such as memoirs. The technical writer will stil create an outline, write an intro and start writing the content they already have the information for.

The goal for my post: Cout Down: 5 reasons to Write your Book" is aimed at people who have wanted to write fiction or literary non-fiction but are looking for a reason to start. If, for example someone is a technical writer then they are not my target reader for this post. The reader of this article is someone looking for a reason to write 'Their' book. As for fun, I always have fun when I'm writing. Even at work when it's technical, even when my novel is hard, it's always fun. I lament Murray that you do not have fun... because I always do! :D