Way too long, but feeling great this time!

It's been close to 9 months since I last wrote anything and I think it's because I burned out.

I was going through a lot of personal-life horrors, a job I've been at now for over a year began getting really tough in that "I hate the people I work with" way, and spiritually I fell into what Aquinas called the "dark night of the soul." Amazingly, I didn't fall into a depression or seem outwardly off in any way that others noticed.

Even my mother commented on how this year I didn't go through my normal winter-blues. She said she was proud of that, but I counted it off as one more thing that I hide too well.

I often wrote about my feelings and life when I first started this blog, but it's become an anxiety for me. I felt that I could really write what I was going through on here and yet, it became very business-y.

I want to write and I'm pissed that I let myself get away without writing for so long, but I'm back and I want to get that novel off now.

Here comes Me.

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